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Looking for Dillon upgrades that work?  There are a lot of so called fixes out on the market that appear to fix problems.  Only to find out they create more in other areas.  The Dillon upgrades sold here will not only save you money down the road but save you tons of frustration with trial and error.  How do we know?   We have used a bunch of them.  Only to find out they don’t really work.

Our latest Dillon upgrade is for the casefeeder.  Our Dillon casefeeder motor upgrade is a fraction of the cost of our competition and could not be simpler to setup.  You can either buy the bracket or a kit that removes the machine work out of the project.  This Dillon upgrade is not only simple but it allows you to fully adjust the speed of your motor and it provides more than 50% more torque over the stock motor.  This allows you to add more cases into the bowl without the worry of straining the motor and/or having the motor stop turning.

Showing all 5 results

Dillon Upgrades

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