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New Ammunition vs. Remanufactured Ammunition

Did you know that remanufactured ammunition goes thru much of the same process as when you buy brand new ammunition?

Remanufactured ammunition that is purchased from Extreme Reloading has gone thru several processes to ensure you are getting a quality product.  Since we source our brass from multiple places some nickel plated brass may be mixed in with your order.  Some reloaders actually prefer nickel over brass.  It’s just a personal preference.

A two step process is then used for the sorting process thru machine sorting and hand sorting.  We look for crushed and/or cracked cases as well as any debris that gets stuck along the way.  We then remove the old primers, making sure the flash holes and primer pockets are clear.

The brass then gets put thru processing machines that resize the cases bringing them back to SAAMI specs.

We wash our brass in a water based solution that we have perfected.  Making our brass looks like new when it is done

The brass is then put thru machines to be primed and loaded.  Ammo is checked to make sure powder charges and overall length is correct.

Extreme Reloading takes great pride in making sure we are only letting a quality product go out to our customers.  Many times our ammunition is cleaner burning and more accurate than factory new ammunition.

Showing 1–24 of 119 results

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